Email Marketing & Blogging

Giving outsiders an insider’s view…

Email marketing is the way of today! An e-newsletter is the ideal way to reach out to your customers on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to let them know about exciting new merchandise, new events, the addition of an exquisite new vacation property and more! Email marketing sends important updates right to the inbox of your followers that have signed up and want to know more about your business. We’ll help you maintain and grow your newsletter subscriber list to extend the reach of your business.

Creating a blog page on your website is an excellent way to invite potential customers to read and learn more about you and your product. Blog posts are typically written informally in a conversational style to give your customers a peek into your world with tips, news and updates.

To stay relevant in today’s quick moving world, first you have to keep up and then get ahead! Let’s talk about how to get started and where we can go from here! Call Carrie at Maplewood Marketing 715-605-2534 today!